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Friday, November 10, 2006

Fondling myself in Starbucks

It's one of those moment in times and all you can do is shrug your shoulders.

I was at Starbucks and had picked up my drink, but as I walked away I left my card on the counter. I went back to retrieve it and leaned over the "barista counter" to grab the card from the kind Barista.

Where I was leaning, to get the card, was a magazine rack and a piece of the rack caught my zipper while I was in motion. I instantly had the feeling my fly was down and my natural instinct was to check to make sure I was zippered up. But, the way I did it made it look like I was copping a feel of my unit (usually I'm not opposed to this, but not in public). It was at that moment that I remembered I was near the front of the line of people waiting to order their drinks and looked up to see if anyone caught me in my unintentional grope. My eyes met hers. She was very attractive and there on her lips was a half smile. I was dead in the water, full-on busted, caught in the act! What could I do, but smile, shrug my shoulders and get the hell out of there!


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