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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Temptation Knocks

I stood there looking at my cell phone - who the hell is this? I listened to the message again - *bingo*! It was Erin from Grade School, for Christ sake! I had spoken to her earlier in the year about a 8th grade class reunion which I couldn't make because of the trip to Italy.

I hadn't talked to her in about twenty years at that point and she just rattled on asking very probing questions: "Are you married?", "Do you have kids?" "Most of us aren't bringing our spouses, are you?!" So I asked an old male classmate who went to the reunion what was Erin all about. He knew what I was talking about. She's still attractive, married, but looking to find something on the side. Apparently, there's a few of the girls in the class up to the same thing - according to my old male classmate.

So, the message was to meet a few of the girls for lunch this Saturday at a coffee shop just to "catch up" and keep the connection going since the reunion. She told me to invite my old male classmate, too. Then she left her home number to return the call. When I looked on my cell phone to see if the number matched, it didn't. It was a residential number 10 miles from where she lived. A few things haven't added up in all of this. Most important is that I left that school after 4th grade and never came back. I dated one girl shortly in the early 80's, and the old male classmate is the only one I truly keep in touch with - oh, besides my Dentist(that's another story). So, I'm interested to see why the pursuit is persistent from Erin and her gaggle of girls. Stay Tuned - reports to follow.


Blogger Reese said...

Maybe she reads your blog, Zeus ...

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

old classmate free

3:12 PM  

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