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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Waterskiing Nude on the Willamette River

During the summer months in Portland (Ptown), I spent a large amount of days, evenings and a few nights skiing on the Willamette River. These were the restaurant days...play during the day, work your shift and party at night.

My roommate, Tom from Atlanta, had a red aluminum hull boat with an outboard motor. We'd pitch in money for gas and try to get as many girls to go out with us as often as we could. We did lots of stupid things, too, along the way, like "Speed Bombing". Speed Bombing was climbing up on the front of the boat while it was cruising near top speed and jumping off. You'd tumble along the top of the water and when you stopped we'd all be laughing. Since the restaurant we worked at, The Rusty Pelican (RP), was right on the water we'd drive the boat toward it during lunch and give'em show. Most of the time it was "speed bombing" and other times it standing on the front of the boat looking like Captain Morgan with our pants around our ankles.

Our best boating events, however, was sneaking the boat out at night onto the river which was slightly illegal and not to mention dangerous with an occasional rogue big log drifting along. But, skiing under the bridges in the city lights of Portland was a blast, not mention exhilarating. My roommate and mine ploy was to get the girls to go out with us after work in the boat. We'd be daring and foolish and in some cases get them to come back to "warm up" at our house just down the street from the boat launch.

Often, it was after being out drinking after work that we'd end up out on the water at midnight, skiing. With everyone slightly edgy about being in the water at night, Tom or I, would climb out of the boat into the water. The ski and the rope would be gently tossed out and all positions taken for......skiing naked at night! It was too dark for them to see us taking off our shorts in the water and the surprise would have the girls laughing so hard, it helped break the tension. Who cared about shrinkage?!! The only problem that ever came up was forgetting to bring an extra pair of shorts after letting the other float down river...oh well, sometimes it was important and other times not.


Blogger slskenyon said...

I'd be curious to know how many top quality women you hooked while skiing naked. I'll be that number could be counted on the digits of your left hand....or on a fist.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Zeus said...

OK, ruin the fun of it! There were three trysts over that Portland summer. As far as "top quality", those waitresses and cocktail waitresses are probably all some form of a top quality women now and were then...in their own right. Exploration in your early twenties is one of the beauties of life. Some of my worst mistakes was being too picky, looking for only top quality, but that's another story. Thanks for reading - Z

4:10 PM  

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