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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Restaurant Exploits - 3 girls in 4 days

The life in the restaurant business can be pure debauchery at times. I eventually left burnt out from walking the fine line between fun and frivolity and sex, drugs and rock n' roll. The latter left many friends in rehab and/or with meager lives, but god, was it fun at the time!

One week I replay occasionally in mind was in Portland, Oregon restaurant, the Rusty Pelican that was down on John's Landing on the Willamette River. The RP was a haven for beautiful girls in the early days of the restaurant. If you worked there, it was sexual heaven. Actually, I replay a lot of those days, but one story at a time.

I'm not sure how it started, but I started dating Annie, a cocktail waitress. I'm sorry, we started dating because one drunken night we ended up in bed. She was a nice, quiet type, not exactly my type, but what guy's gonna complain when some cute blond wants to have sex with you. The problem with her was there was a lot of emotional baggage. This kept us from getting close, plus there were a lot of other waitresses there I wanted to get to know.

So, one night, after Annie and I had spent another night of sex together, we went out for drinks and she ended up just entirely sloshed. I didn't drink that much, so I took her home, put her to bed. She begged me to stay (I was walking away from getting laid), but the attaction and her level of drunkeness just wasn't there for me that night. I kissed her teary face goodbye and headed home.

I forgot to mention, at that time, I shared a house with two other waitresses, Boots and Joni. There was nothing between Joni and I, but Boots and I were disfunctional soul mates. We cared for each other, but just couldn't end up together. We had a hot tub in back and I put on my robe over my nude body and ran into Boots as she was coming in from the garage. She, too, was a little lit from drinking cocktails after work. She said she was "a little heated" and going to bed. For whatever reason, we kissed each other goodnight and then we kissed a little more. I said, "you sure you don't want to go in the hot tub with me?" She gave me a squeeze and said she'd be right out. To this day, I've never had sex with anyone like I had with her. She should be pictured in the dictionary with the word, "seductive". At two in the morning, she kind of flipped out and ran back to her room. She said, she didn't want Joni to catch us. I thought,"who cares", but I was too sleepy to argue. We carried on as usual the next day with just a little knowing smile between us.

I fell asleep early that next night and then Thursday night came. There was a cocktail waitress everyone called "Little Mary". She was about five feet tall, cute and always fun to banter sexually with. We always swore we were gonna have sex with each other, but it never got any more serious than talk. So, that Thursday night, we ended up out ... "having drinks" with a group from the RP. Little Mary and I started chatting up about having sex a little more this night and I pretty much knew I was going home with her.

One of the other girls with us, KJ, a former Miss Oregon and Little Mary's roommate, got just hammered and started talking stupid. "No one loves me...blah, blah, blah". Her personality was over the top. She claimed to have the "widest spread in town"! In fact, KJ and Boots had become a duo in the Portland dating scene. They'd double dated with new guys all the time for a couple of month stretch.

So, KJ runs out of the bar we're at and Little Mary and I chase out after her to save her from hurting herself. We hop in my car and drive up and down the streets looking for her. We end up finding her a half hour latter laying down in ivy along side the road about a half mile from the bar. We pull her into the car, she better now, and drive back to there house.

Once we got there, things got a little disjointed. We put KJ on her bed and then we went out to have a beer in the kitchen. KJ walked back out with yellow pajamas (with feet)halfway zipped up and her breasts hanging out. She offered me to come sleep with her. Little Mary stomped out of the room (she was always losing out to KJ in the boy department) and I told KJ that, I was there to be with Little Mary. She slurred it was my loss and went back to bed. I went to Little Mary's room and tried to reconcile the evening. She did, by saying "I guess I better get into this", meaning to have sex with me. We did and it was very lackluster, but we finally did it. There was no expectation, but the thought about going into KJ's room crossed my mind.

Over the next few days, the rumor mill began working at the RP and Annie would never, ever talk to me again. In fact, she moved away within a few weeks to "improve her life" as she told one of the girls there. As the RP turned, so did the staff. One girl out, a new one in....That's another story.


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