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Monday, May 22, 2006

Restaurant Stories Continued: A Dare is Done!

I did a dare at a Portland restaurant, The Rusty Pelican, where I worked in 1981. I had had a few “pops” after working a rare lunch shift with another waiter/friend down the street from the RP. The discussion of a waitress I liked came up and he dared me to do something to get here attention. As luck would have it she was working the “front section” that night. I took the dare because ultimately I thought I would get the waitresses attention and the few glasses of liquid courage/stupidity ensured I would do something worth getting noticed.

The Front Section of the restaurant are the tables with a view. The tables are in front of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Willamette River and Mt. St. Helen. Between the Front Section windows and the river runs a 5 ft wide paved walking trail. Adjacent to the restaurant is an office building with covered parking.
This is where my dare started.

I parked my car there and pulled my bike out of the back. I pulled on knit cap as my only disguise. I slipped off my running shorts and t-shirt. Then I rode gloriously nude past the dining patrons and the waitress facing me on the aforementioned paved walkway. I turned around at the far end of the building and did an encore, waving as I went by! I was gone before anyone could react.

The stories of the “streaking bicyclist” circulated through the restaurant for days. No one’s ever known it was me. My friend didn’t believe I did it, only saying it was a coincidence. Several weeks later the waitress and I started going out. I never told her for fear of being viewed as a creep. I just wonder how many patrons had their dinner ruined by my ride? Hopefully, more laughed.


Blogger JamaicanQueen said...

Where do you live? Because over here you would have frozen your ass to the seat!! LMAO

2:48 PM  
Blogger September said...

LOL - you are one crazy kid! Streaking was big in the 70s but I had never heard of a streakin bicyclist! :)

4:06 PM  

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