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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pet Peeve: Are You Embarrassed By The Growing Number Of OBESE Americans?

Sorry for stepping away from my usual joyful entries, but man, I got to vent. I went to the Sacramento County Fair this last weekend to see my daughter's entries for photography and baking. You've probably heard the countless news reports about the growing number of obese people in our society? I think everyone has a tendency to live in their own little bubble. Going to the County Fair was definitely stepping out of my own personal bubble. Man - there are a lot of fat people. You know, extremely large butts, large, barrel-sized guts, etc. You know what - it is just not acceptable!

You've got to wonder if this part of decline of our civilization. People stop carrying about their health. TV is such a priority. We consume soooo much crap (chips, soda, fatty foods). I spoke to a Professor of a UC school who studies food and found out that the whole "Trans-fat free" trend that's happening right now is a fraud. Oh, it is trans-fat free, but companies like Kraft have developed new types of fat (seriously) that are as bad as trans-fats. So, the probability of our society is going to collapse under "weight" of all our obese, unhealthy American (and illegal immigrants) seems to gaining. Obesity leads to Type II Diabetes because we can't control what we put in our mouth. We don't exercise because everyone's got to watch their program. We have become a fat, insulated society and were going to become a second rate society - it is just not acceptable!

For the record, I was medically diagnosed 3 years ago as "obese" (258 lbs.)even though people said I "carry my weight well". Now I am fit (227 lbs.) and I will never, ever be fat again. It has become my compulsion to avoid gaining back the weight I lost. I feel better, my outlook is better, I am more successful. It comes down to ability to think independently, self-control and a desire to be better.

Stop the Down Fall of the American Society!

Turn Off the TV, Eat Right - Chose Fitness!!!!!


Blogger Tiffanie said...

AMEN! Finally, someone said it. I've been looking around at people lately and thinking that too. WTF is it with Americans? Speaking generally, the whole society is just getting bumpier, and fatter, and plumper, and more and more disgusting.

6:47 AM  
Blogger Tiffanie said...

BTW, I came here from CB's site.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Zeus said...

Thanks for dropping in! CB's is a great sight. Come back, I'm always trying to make you laugh, think or say WTF! Happy Friday!

3:32 PM  
Blogger Reese said...

ha ha ha. This is hilarious. I've been meaning to write something similar on my blog but, as much as I love to provoke, I'm always a little worried of offending ... so I've been putting it off.

In my opinion, though, it's not that people don't exercise enough, it's that they JUST EAT TOO MUCH GODDAMN FOOD!

I've made almost a science of watching and analyzing the behaviour of fat people, because I'm convinced that they're all liars.

And when I say "liars," mean they are not even capable of admitting to themselves that they eat non-stop. They lie to themselves CONSTANTLY about how much they eat. And that's sad.

Almost every fat person says "I don't know why I'm fat. I actually eat very little."

And it's never, ever true.

They eat like pigs.

And that's why they're fat.

Thanks, Zeus (btw, I'll link your site up on my site tomorrow)

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand your embarrassment and even disgust. However, I think people should be a little more sympathetic because obesity, I believe, is an eating disorder, similar to anorexia. Why do people feel bad for anorexic people and not for obese people. I don't think anyone who is obese is happy to be that way. They must know they look horrendous. I have an obese mother and I have watched her suffer mentally and physically because of her weight. She is a beautiful person inside, one of the nicest most generous people you would ever meet. She has never been lazy, she is an extremely hard worker and raised four children on her own after her first husband left her (my father) and her second husband molested two of my siblings. She has been through hell and I know she uses food as a "drug" to ease her pain. Am I embarrassed by her weight.. Yes. Do I wish she would be cured of this eating disorder.. Yes. However, I think it is very hard. Imagine an alcoholic trying to give up drinking if alcohol was everwhere. You could even go through a drive through to get a drink (hey, not a bad idea). Seriously, I understand why people are disgusted, but please try to be understanding. I feel sad when I see someone who is obese and I always wonder what happened to make them that way. What hell did they go through. Maybe I am naive and maybe there are some people out there who had a great life and just choose to be lazy and eat whatever they want. But for me, I am not going to judge people when I don't know what they have been through in their life.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe anyone who wants to can choose to be any size thay want to be! So..... I now don't want to see more judge-mental coments And no i'm not embarrassed of the number of obese, while i am not so overweight.

5:42 PM  

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