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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Proteans - the Warm up Flirt to Flirting

I'm in sales. I cold call a lot. I engage a lot of women (and men) in small talk. This is, of course, about the encounters with the women. The slightest nonverbal, unintentional flirting is called Protean.

It's the twinkle in the eye, the smile, the engaging rejoinder, or the flick of the hair - that is a Protean. This is, for the woman, sitting on the fence stuff, dipping the toe in the water, checking to see if their still attractive, or the chance for an ego boost.

We all do it, well, that lady today at the company that makes replacement hips and knees, she certainly didn't know the first thing about proteans. I remembered her from long ago and she, an accountant, was unmoved by my memory of her. She had offered to talk to me, but her minimal tolerance of my presence was very noticable. I wonder if you can inject something into someone like Botox?

Proteans can make your day, especially when you're working hard and something out of the ordinary interject your day and gives you a little boost. Show your love for the salesman who shows up unexpected and YOU may get a PROTEAN!

This reminds me of the accountant mentioned above and she's obviously not giving off any proteans - -

The only problem with the whole proteans thing is when the receiver of the protean jumps overboard, overreacts to the protean(normally the male) and blows the fun(ness) out of a simple, unintentional protean. There, good or bad - enjoy your proteans.


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