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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Waiter's Story of a Tip!

OK - I've got to tell you my story from many years ago, 1981 to be exact. I worked in Portland, Oregon at restaurant that was on the Willamette River near downtown. It had floor to ceiling windows for a great view from tables that everyone wanted.

I had one of those tables clear and a 4 top sits down. Two young, slightly intoxicated couples sit down boy, girl, boy, girl. After I greet them, they happily let me know they've been kicked out of 2 restaurants already that night. Me, who can handle anything, thinks, bring it on. Of course this is an upscale family restaurant and I had other normal customers surrounding this table.

I managed to keep them under control for most of the evening. Then one of the women, girlfriend 1, starts asking me what I would like for a tip, as she licks her lips! The guys, actually brothers, don't seem to care. Hmmm...I think, maybe this won't be a bad table afterall! Young male waiters, as I remember, never had high standards or morals - I fit the mold.

Engergized by the woman's proposition and the fact that they had almost driven out the last of my surrounding tables, I finally thought my "tip" was coming. Then, as I was talking to them,trying to keep them under control, brother 1 responds to something brother 2 says by playfully stabbing him in the crotch with a steak knife. Brother 2 over dramatizes the fake stab and reaches over to girlfriend 2 and asks her to make him feel better. Then Brother 2 leans back in his chair and unzips his pants. He pulls out the supposedly damaged unit and girlfriend 2 promptly bends over and kisses briefly back to health. "Does that make it feel better?" she asks? Then, they all just sit their smirking in their unabashed glory. I left after that not knowing exactly how to react.

It was now time to let them go. I went and got their $67.00 check and dropped it off. I had to run upstairs to the bar for something and when I return, "surprise", they've left without paying. I ran out to parking lot looking for the payment and, of course, my "tip". I was going to get the "tip", right? I saw them at the far end of the parking lot stubbling towrad their car. I didn't make a habit of chasing down dashing diners, but I felt I kind of knew this group and approached them nonchalantly. They had no cash and ended up writing me a check for the bill with my "tip" included. Girlfriend 1 showed no signs of remembering her licked lip offer of a tip. I should have asked but I was now just hoping to cover the bill considering or else I would have had to. They gave the check and a tip.......drum roll please..... a check for seventy dollars. That was two dollars and some change for an evening that I'll never forget.


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