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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Aaah! I did the dip AND got caught!

Okay - Men look at butt's, legs, faces and unfortunately, BREASTS! It's a life long obsession that I thought I would be able to control with age. Things haven't changed.

Last Saturday, after a evening soccer game, a group of parents gathered at the local pizza restaurant. We were all talking. I was tired and turned to talk to the woman across from me. As I turned, my tired eyes looked right at her cleavage! It wasn't intentional, It was just at the the level I was looking when I turned. Of course, I immediately looked up and met her eyes which were now self-conscious. I was sooooooooooo busted. I felt like a pig. The funniest thing about it all is that she is almost flat-chested.

I mean the way her shirt sagged at her "cleavage" created a dark spot and that's where my eyes ended up at. What was worse is that now my eyes were being tugged back down and I had to look away. I don't know how many guys that happens to, but I hate it, because, in those rare moments, I seem to have no control. My eyes start to tear up because they want to go south and the muscles precariously holding them at eye level are quickly going to fail. I have no choice except to look away. And after being busted, like what had just happened, it makes it more obvious and painful. Is there some therapy for this?

After I turned away and talked to the guys some more, I went back to speak to her again. I was sure I was over my affliction. Well, I was, but she wasn't...she was holding up her jacket to her "cleavage" as a notice to me that I wasn't getting any more looks at her! So, I hope she doesn't hold a grudge. She's somewhat serious and a very strong-minded woman and probably not used to being overtly ogled by a "respectable" person.

As I stated at the beginning, BREASTS are a real problem. I have had this happen to me countless times: the look, the acknowledgement that I've been caught, the eyes tugging downward afterward, the looking away in humiliation. When you look at them, it's obvious where you're looking. But with an ass, legs or face, it's no problem as long as you don't get caught by another woman. Getting caught looking at breasts, when unwelcome, is a humiliating situation. I know. I need one of those chrome reflectors people use for tanning so I don't look below a woman neck. Such is my life living with Testosterone.


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