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Friday, February 24, 2006

The club, 3 women, and the odds!

Trish, she greeted me at 5:20 this morning. "You know, you can't come back in here till you find your card", she jokingly chided me about my missing club card. Her eyes twinkle when she does it. She's got a hot, tight body, warm cheery face and sweet personality. It's great way to start a workout! My buddy Bill wants to give it to her, too. Gee, make that the majority of the male population she encouters.

As I walked into the cardio room, my still sleepy eyes caught pretty blond hair and naturally a very attractive face working out on the treadmill. I continued to my equipment and was trying to position myself right on the elliptical trainer between the two televisions so I could watch two news programs at once. As I was doing this I caught myself staring at the blond for an extended moment. Half brain numb from sleep and half impressed at the quality of her beauty. I snapped myself back into reality and got exercising. She must have caught me staring, it was so obvious, because she left as soon as I got started. Bummer - the distraction would have helped the time go by.

Fortunately, she was working out in the weight room when I went there later. As I went to workout in another room with the trainer, I saw a "well-kept" older blond working out on the floor next to glass wall where I was doing some anaerobic workout. She was holding a large ball between her legs and doing abdominal exercises. This meant she had her legs spread for a long time, which is hard not to stare at even as I was resting and breathing very hard between exercises. She made no attempt to shield herself from my glances.

As I was resting in between my strenuous workout, she walked up to the glass. She has nice C or D size breasts I noticed immediately. I could barely hear her through the glass, but made some reference to our workout. I noticed, looking at her breasts again, that her nipples starting to protrude her thin workout top. Could she be getting excited talking to me, I quickly assume? We managed another short exchange that neither of us seemed to understand other than our need to acknowledge each other. She went away to finish her workout and I used the encounter to work harder.

Then there was the fourth women I ran into briefly as I approached the front desk. She's been at the club for a long time and we've always exchanged hello's. There seems to be an assumed bond between all the people that work out early in the morning. It like a fraternity/sorority. She gave me an overly acknowledged(eyes twinkle, hello with a smile) greeting. As she walked past SHE double dipped and looked at me again, with much more intense eyes. Of course, I was looking at her again for a body evaluation (tits & ass quality). She had too much coverage for a good assesment. I just smiled because just then Trish had come up to take my locker key. The subsequent banter between Bill and I with Trish was now reaching overly flirtaous levels. This is to the point to where we better back off to maintain the low level flirting long term, or risk rejection with cool shoulder. Or we would have to take it to the next level which of course wouldn't happen. Of course this would only bother me until the next good looking woman goes by.

It amazes me how quickly I jump from one brief infatuation to the next. As always, I'm assessing whether they would give a quick encounter, or whether it would a cataclysmic mistake of sexual lust. As I've learned about myself, it is about the "almost". Could I??? If I were drunk and far away from everyone important - maybe. But here and now, with each and every one, how desperately I want to.

Bottom line it's a mental masturbation for my ego, but it's never going to be a reality. My shoulder sag at that reality. If I could only be Zeus.


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