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Friday, February 24, 2006

The barbecue, the buzz and the open shorts!

Alcohol, jesus not rubbing alcohol for god's sake, save that for Kitty Dukakis! No beer, wine, grain...whatever, it definitely impairs your judgment. So, I'm sitting there with my wife at a friends house where we've had dinner and mucho drinks. We've gone swimming and changed back into our casual attire.

The hostess, is a spunky, nice looking woman who has been rumored to have had affairs a little too close to home - it was another parent at the same parish. There has always been the "good energy" between us and the occasional tawdry talk and double entendre. Oh, she's got a great ass, too, that seems to be always covered by a short khaki skirt that I fantasize about pushing up. But I do that visual with every great ass.

We're pounding the beers back, sitting across from each other on low couches. The husband is in the other room playing a game. I'm, seriously, not thinking about the fact that I didn't put back on my underwear when I put on my shorts after swimming. It probably just felt better at the moment to be "swinging free". I really didn't think a thing about it till I caught the Hostess looking where she shouldn't.

Back to the alcohol impairing your judgment, I didn't bother to change my position, nor did she stop taking looks. I could feel myself somewhat open, but closing my legs may caused her to be embarrassed and I wouldn't have wanted to embarrass the Hostess. I thought it was kind of funny if she was checking out my "package". It was the continued "glances" that made me sure she was taking in my stuff.

What confirmed all my suspicions is what occurred when we went to leave. We were outside saying goodbye when Hostess comes up to me and gives me mischievous eye contact and a strong, prolonged hug and whispers in my ear "that was fun". With my wife not more than 15 ft away giving a hug goodbye to the host, I didn't dare say anything other than, "it sure was - thanks for the hospitality". No pelvic thrust forward or grope of her great ass, just a nice friendly goodbye. Where was this supposed to go, I thought. I went off on a torrid, fantasy laced tangent of her on the drive home.

I woke up the next morning and grimaced a little at what had transpired. It was a little too blatant on my part. Fortunately, I haven't ran into her that often since, but when I have, it has been a lot less personal than before. Is she bitter, embarrassed or disgusted by me - who cares. Dangerous, very dangerous, if I had gone through with that one. Nope - just not selfish enough to take the "plunge". Only you get to know that it happened - almost!


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